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Oct. 30.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

 Search Engine Marketing, FOR YOUR INFORMATION TODAY


SEM- or Search Engine Marketing

Another way to advertise to web users or people surfing the internet to find businesses like yours and mind is -via- “search engine marketing”. This methodology encompasses the use of “buying keywords” relevant to your business. Doing so allows you much greater control over finding your “target market”, much greater control of your budget.

You are able to streamline advertising to your most likely customers that will patronize and purchase from you.

Here are some tips and information to know before starting your SEM program.

  • Start out with a small budget by testing the waters  to see how its going to work
  • Remember, its ALL about your “Return On Investment” that counts
  • If your new to SEM, don’t be too worried about your first month of doing this process
  • You may end up spending more your first time out because your learning about what works
  • Always be “testing” what works vs what doesn’t work.
  • As your learning, and you find something that’s working, scale up to get the greater ROI
  • In utilizing the SEM process, you will find like anything else, you’ll have your High’s and Low’s
  • Don’t be discouraged, it comes with the territory. Some keywords costs pennies per click, others much more
  • So go ahead, give it a try. Every small business owner should know what they can afford to pay to make their conversions and still make a profit.
  • I believe every business can benefit from an SEM campaign when done right and you know your budget.
  • Because your ads ONLY go in front of people who are actively searching for what you sell.

You pay ONLY when someone clicks on your ad and goes to your website.

So SEM is an extremely great way to target a specific group and get a nice ROI from that specific niche.

Finally, I want to speak about this one piece of software that I market and promote,

because its a life-saver for creating marketing pages, websites, landing pages, sales and marketing funnels, etc., etc.,  for anyone online. All done in 10 minutes once you learn the “DRAG and DROP“system.





p.s. we have a FB page that you can join with 100’s  of other’s that are currently using the system in real time.

p.p.s. they can be of real assistance to you if needed,  including myself.




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