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Dec. 13.

Holiday Marketing Tips

Holiday Marketing TipsHoliday Marketing Tips

Hi everyone, this posting has to do with Holiday Marketing Tips during the holidays

while still being engaged in the excitement of the holidays.

We marketers will also be doing some marketing for our respective opportunity’s we’re involved in.

Just be mindful of Holiday Marketing during these holidays

and how we present it publically to our customer’s and potential customers.

We will be emailing I’m sure,

doing our holiday marketing during the holidays.

Emailing increases during this particular time of the year, (fourth quarter).

So be mindful of how we communicate with Emailing to our customer base, who still has to listen,

and probably,  they listen even more acutely than we think.

Studies have shown there’s an  increase in the open rates with these holiday & winter themed emails.

Your email should contain content your readers care about,

and presented in such a way that gets their attention from the moment they read the subject line.


Your holiday emails should stand out amongst the increased inbox volume,

while still supporting your holiday campaign goals.

Remember, to offer special holiday pricing. (Something of value).

Try turning your message into a narrative that’s intriguing,

that reveals a glimpse of your brand’s personality.

But if you’re simply sending happy holiday wishes,

make sure they’re intriguing enough to draw the reader in, or, better yet,

pass along to others as well.

I believe your customers will be delighted.

As a marketer, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention an opportunity

that helps me daily in my marketing efforts.

Here it is!  Stay Happy and Healthy during this holiday season



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