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Aug. 21.

God heals spiritually,

God heals spiritually, God heals spiritually,

My brothers and sisters;

Do you believe it? God is a God who heals. He heals Everything, broken bodies, broken minds, broken hearts, broken lives, and broken relationships. You name it, he claims it and will heal them all. God’s very presence has immense healing power. There’s no one that can live close to god without feeling and experiencing some degree of healing. It’s Impossible! However, it’s also true that “you have not because you ask not”; James 4:2 . We all receive healing that flows naturally from the presence of god whether we seek it or not. But there is More, Much More available to those who ask god for it.

The first step in receiving healing from God is to live ever so close to him as you can. Stay in his presence, filled with his love. The benefits of this practice are too numerous to list. As you grow more and more intimate with God, the revelation of his will shows up and becomes more apparent. His will becomes more direct to you. When this starts to happen, you know that you know, your in the right place with God. There are times when god shows up, knowing where I came from and what he brought me through, that when he blesses me, it actually reduces me to tears. I become filled-up with his presence, especially in my secret place with God. I cry because of his goodness, because of having that feeling of being special. Knowing how much he loves me because he is showing me right in the present moment. I have to thank him, glorify him, love him back, realizing that because of his “Favor”,  I received what he gave me. God is so Good!

When the time is right, I prompt you to ask for some type of healing of brokenness for you or someone else. God heals spiritually, and is the business of healing for us ALL today. Just remember, the healing can be instantaneous or it may be a process. That is left up to God, your part is to “trust him” and trust him fully with thanksgiving for the restoration that has begun. God rarely heals all the brokenness in a person’s life. Remember Paul,  his servant who asked god 3 times to remove the thorn in his flesh, he told Paul “his grace was sufficient”. Nonetheless, much healing is available to those whose lives are intimately interwoven with god. Therefore, ASK and YOU SHALL RECEIVE!



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Aug. 16.

Freemarts natural products,

freemarts natural products,freemarts natural products,

Yes this is REAL!

Farmers and Gardeners,  your going to love what we have to offer.

These products are Great for mother earth. And they are Great for our Natural Body’s as God intended it to be before the foundation of the earth.

Today I want to talk about the Free-mart opportunity from the standpoint of a franchise business. The beauty of this franchise is “it’s FREE” to acquire, yet you make money as we teach you the “Free-mart Way”. Are you up for the task? Can you share by mouth, email, flyers, business cards, etc., etc., etc.? If you said YES to any of the questions, then get ready for making money with your Free-mart Franchise”. Once you JOIN HERE , your the boss from now on. Make sure to attend some of the Daily Noon-Day Webinars . It’s always good to mingle with people of a like-mind,  so that you can here about some of the successes coming from other people who has the same franchise as you. It’s at these noon-day webinars  people give their own testimony’s about some of the wonderful health blessings they are receiving from the daily use of these products. NEVER SELL THESE PRODUCTS, SIMPLY “SHARE THEM” WITH ANYONE WITH A LISTENING EAR! I’m certain you know someone with immune deficiencies, high blood pressure problems, kidney problems, people looking to ridden their body’s of toxins, etc., etc. Our Famous Free-mart Water, (2nd to NONE!), Its the type water that actually gets into your cells, sucked in as a matter of fact, re-plenishing your cells with Electrolytes,  making you feel like a new person all over again.

Freemarts natural products, does a myriad of good for thousands of people just like you and I daily. You will get confirmation of that from people on the webinars that give their own personal testimony’s and no one is paying them to say a thing. But when you are operating and a part of such an opportunity as this, you just can’t keep your mouth shut.

Finally, for now, I want to say that we are like another Sam’s, Costco’s, or any type membership like that. The difference is: WE ARE FREE TO JOIN, YET YOU MAKE MONEY WHILE HAVING OUR MEMBERSHIP!

Friends, I’ll stop for now with this introduction about what your missing not being apart of Free-Mart, LLC

Get your Franchise started today, …. ,



p.s. also my “Welcome Mat” is Open.


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